• Calhoun County's Great Start for kids
  • Calhoun County's Great Start for kids
  • Calhoun County's Great Start for kids
  • Calhoun County's Great Start for kids

The BIRTH TO FIVE SERVICES APPLICATION is the first step in enrolling your child in the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), Community Action HEAD START, and the Three Year Old Scholarship Program! Click the link below to complete the online application! Contact the Early Childhood Services Office for more information! (269) 660-1606 ext. 6143.







Registration for 

"Caring for children who have experienced trauma" Training Series, April 21 & 28, 2015

is now CLOSED.

Please email Susan at clarks@calhounisd.org if you would like to be put on the waiting list.

Thank you!


Playgroup Calendars!

Click HERE for the April 2015 Early Childhood Connections Playgroup Calendar for playgroups held in the Greater Battle Creek area!

Early Childhood Connections Playgroup Locations:

Ann J. Kellogg Elementary: 306 Champion St                        

Community Cultural Center: 765 Upton

Doris Klaussen Dev. Center (DKDC): 408 Jameson                 

Grace Health (formerly Family Health Center): 181 W. Emmett

First Presbyterian Youth Facility: 15 Frelinghuysen                

First Salem Missionary Baptist Church: 370 Capital Ave SW

LaMora Park Elementary: 65 N. Woodlawn Ave                       

Parkway Manor: 380 Truth Dr

Purdy Elementary: 6510 Purdy                                               

Valley View Elementary: 960 Ave A

Voces: 520 W. Michigan Ave


Click HERE for the April 2015 Great Start County Connections Playgroup Calendar for playgroups held in other areas of Calhoun County!

Great Start County Connections Playgroup Locations:

Crowell Elementary: 1418 Cooper Street, Albion                    

Shamrock Center: 400 North Gordon Street, Marshall

Community Unlimited Playgroup Locations:

Lillian Fletcher Elementary: 403 S. Hillsdale St, Homer           

Community Unlimited: 221 Ellen St, Union City

Tekonsha Elementary School: 327 Catherine St, Tekonsha


Calhoun Three Year old Scholarship Program

Fall 2015 Scholarships will be be awarded in August, 2015. Deadline for applications for Fall is July 17, 2015. Families receiving scholarships will be notified the first week of August by phone. All families who do not receive a scholarship will receive a letter via USPS mail with information about other programs for families in Calhoun County and will be put on the waiting list.

The Scholarship Program will continue to accept applications throughout the year. 

 << Click the Box to fill out an application online!

 Click >> HERE << to print PART ONE of the application to be mailed in to our office!

For a printable application in SPANISH click >> HERE<< (This application will be updated to 2015-2016 soon, please use the 2014-15 application until then.)


Welcome to Calhoun Great Start Collaborative!

The Calhoun Great Start Collaborative is a coordinated group of business, philanthropic and faith based organizations, educators, community members, parents and family members that all share the philosophy that it takes our whole community, working together, to ensure every child in Calhoun County has a GREAT START in their lives!

During the first 2,000 days between birth and their first day of kindergarten, 90% of a child's brain is developed.  Brain research shows us how the nutrition, medical care, nurturing and quality early learning experiences children receive during this critical period literally shapes the way their brains will function!

Through the work of the Calhoun PARENT COALITION , EARLY CHILDHOOD CONNECTIONS, GREAT START READY TEAMS, and the collaborative efforts of our Great Start COMMUNITY PARTNERS, our goal is to have every child in Calhoun County safe, healthy, prepared, and eager to succeed in school and life, becoming contributing and productive members of our community!

Feel free to explore our website and learn about the exciting ways our Community is working together to ensure that the children of our county are safe, happy, and ready to succeed in school and in life!

Please visit and "join" our FACEBOOK page to receive reminders about upcoming events and information for families and children!

Click on our EVENTS CALENDAR for information on upcoming meetings and events for children and families!

UPDATED: 4/13/15