How do I join the Great Start Collaborative?

Joining the Calhoun Great Start Collaborative is simple! Send us a message through the CONTACT US link on the home page, or call 269-660-1606 ext. 6143 for information! We will schedule an individual member orientation with you and talk with you about how participation in the Great Start Collaborative makes a difference in the lives of the children of Calhoun County! We look forward to talking with you!

How do I find child care for my child?

Great Start Connect is a database of all licensed child care providers, licensed Child Care Centers and Preschool programs. By clicking on the CONNECT BUTTON on our home page, you will be taken to the portal of this database where you can choose the criteria you are looking for in an early learning program for your child.

If you need further assistance, you can contact Child Care Resources by clicking on the Great Start Regional Resource Center link on our home page.

Did you know that parents are their children's first and most important teachers?

You can play an active role in the work to support all young children and families in Calhoun County. The Great Start Parent Coalition is made up of committed parents from all over the county who want to ensure
a GREAT START for their own children and all children in Calhoun County.
Contact Zoe Brainard, Parent Liaison, for details! 269-660-1606 ext. 6144

How can Preschool help my child?

Preschool is an important step to prepare a child for future success, helping get children ready to read and ready to learn. In preschool a child will have opportunities to make decisions, solve problems, share, follow directions, listen, create, discover others, and above all begin to love learning. Go to our home page and click on the link to our Birth to Five Services Application to complete a preschool application for area toddler play group, GSRP and Headstart programs.


Did you know that play isn't just fun! Play is VERY important to young children’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

Through play, children learn problem solving, interpersonal skills, communication, and other skills integral to success in school and life. Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. So make active play a part of everyday family life. For more information visit www.zerotothree.org!

Did you know that being touched and loved is essential to a baby's healthy brain development?

The birth-to-three period is the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human life span. If babies’ bodies grew at the same rapid pace as their brains, they would weigh 170 pounds by one month of age. For more information on this subject visit www.du.edu/marsicoinstitute.

Did you know that literacy is a fundamental building block for success in life?

To become literate a baby first listens to the people around him than gradually begins to speak, starting with babbling and imitating sounds. Babies whose parents frequently talk to them know 300 more words by age 2 than babies whose parents rarely speak to them.

For more information on the importance of Early Childhood Literacy as well as a links to resources to help you support your child's language and literacy learning, go to Kellogg Community College's Early Childhood Literacy website! http://www.kellogg.edu/literacy/index.html